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Healing Jephthah's Daughters

Welcome to a journey towards freedom, healing, and wholeness.​


How the journey began...

When I first read Judges 11 over twenty years ago, I cried, although I did not know why.  

I later realized that I saw myself and my story in the daughter and her story.


~ The Topics ~

Canva - Round Mirror With White
Black Puzzle Pieces
Stressed Woman

Through the Looking Glass

Jephthah and

His Daughter

Through a

Family Systems Lens

Where and How

Do I Fit into

All of This?


Family Scripts and

the Events that Shape Us

Blame & Behavior

Praise & Pain  

Consequences & 

Costs of Being Jephthah's Daughter

Recovery and Redemption  

Journeying Toward


Healing & 



"[Power] consists to a large extent in deciding what stories will be told."

Carolyn Heilbrun, Writing A Woman's Life

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