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About the work of
Healing Jephthah's Daughters

The work of Healing Jephthah's Daughters is informed by the biblical text of Judges 11, but participation does not require one to be a person of faith. Our goal is to gently help people on their journey towards healing from the unhealthy relationships they have (or had) with their fathers. It is hard work. And it is holy work. It is work that invites us to till the soil of our own souls so that healing can happen. Those who take the journey never go alone. The goal is to help people get to the healing side of their pain so that they can live free, healed, and whole lives.​

The work and this space are designed to help people understand their family systems, their role in it, and how those dynamics (those "family scripts") have shaped who they are today. Much of what (and who) people need to be healed from requires unlearning ways of thinking and patterns of behavior that are keeping them from being their best selves. It's a process that, like healing, takes time.

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