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Recovery and Redemption:  Journeying Toward Freedom, Healing, and Wholeness

Like physical wounds, emotional wounds can heal, too.  Every woman can recover from past hurts and reclaim the woman who is buried deep inside of her -- the woman that she was meant to and always wanted to be.  And the recovery process is just that -- a process:  one moment at a time, one hurt at a time, one victory at a time.  Like physical healing, emotional healing in the recovery process requires a treatment plan, treatment tools, and a commitment to see the healing through.  This final segment of the workshop will provide women with tools and strategies for the recovery of her true self, healing from the negative effects of her relationship with her father, and recommendations for wholeness.  Attention will also be given to snares, traps, and setbacks and ways to rebound from these normal "bumps" in the recovery process in order to accomplish the goal of a free, healed, and whole self, a woman who is now free to live her life robustly and to the fullest, in ways that serve her well.

Topic 4: Service
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