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Where and How Do I Fit into All of This?  Family Scripts and the Events that Shape Us

It is often said that childhood is something we live out our entire lives.  As adults, whether we are conscious of it or not, we often behave in ways that are rooted in the rules and norms we learned as a child in our families of origin.  We play our part in our family script even as adults, and we sometimes find ourselves in (or create) "systems" that mirror or approximate our families of origin.  Because these scripts and our roles in them are so deeply embedded in who we are, we don't often question whether the script or our role is serving us well, even though they have shaped our world views, informed our belief systems, and guided our behaviors.  It may serve the overall family or particular members of the family well, but does it serve us well?  Is it good for us?  Using some foundational principles of family systems theory, women will examine their families of origin and the dynamics therein.  Attention will be given to the verbal and non-verbal messages communicated, and women will also evaluate the ways in which the scripts and messages of their families of origin have shaped and informed their life choices.

Topic 2: Services
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