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Lisa M. Weaver, Ph.D.

The majority of Dr. Weaver's professional life has been devoted to developing the interior life of the person.  She was a high school teacher of English and math in the New York City pubic school system before responding to the call to ministry.  While serving her home church, Dr. Weaver developed a curriculum to prepare individuals for baptism and provided pastoral care to individuals and couples.  Currently, she serves as an assistant professor of worship, helping students to understand the formative and transformative nature of worship.   Dr. Weaver's vocation has been consistently focused on the formation, health, and wholeness of the human mind and spirit.  The work of Healing Jephthahs' Daughters is another part of her vocational portfolio.

When she first read Judges 11, she cried. She later realized that she saw herself and her story in the daughter's story.  Since then, the narrative of Jephthah's Daughter through a family-systems lens has been a consistent companion for Dr. Weaver.  She has incorporated both the daughter's story and her own in retreats, seminars, and workshops.  In this season, the healing work continues through a series of podcasts.

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